Cloud Computing Research

Heterogeneous Cloud

Cloud computing has gained a lot of popularity because it promises to provide stability and proficiency, while lowering the cost of physical equipment and maintenance. With the surge of big data, more and more requests of enabling big data in the cloud environment have been observed. However, to our best knowledge, there is no such a platform to enable these functionalities.

The STEM Heterogeneous Cloud (or STEHC) is a research project initiated from my faculty startup fund from 2013 Fall. The aim of this project is to create a platform to provision services of both cloud computing and big data. Existing platforms solely provide either one of the services without the ability to integrate both of them. Namely, this heterogeneous cloud is a combination of both cloud computing and big data storage in one platform. STEHC has two major components, namely a (private) cloud, and a big data platform. The private cloud platform is constructed based on OpenStack For the big data platform, we use the Apache Hadoop. Both platforms are composed of multiple modules, and each module is provisioning an individual functional service. The challenge of this project is to aggregate many services of both platforms into one cluster.